When Time Is Short, Every Minute Counts
Jing Yan Machinery Co.,LTD. offers the fastest, most precise Abrasive Jet Machining services in the industry.  Our OMAX Jet Machining Center uses water to cut virtually any material imaginable, including metal, glass, plastic.

Fast and Flexible.....
1. Prototypes and limited runs on short notice.
2. Production directly from drawing files.
3. Metal, glass, plastics, ceramics, and composites.
4. Nonconductive and reflective materials are no problem.
Accurate and Reliable.....
1. Precision parts with tolerances as close as ± .003".
2. No burrs, stresses, or heat-affected zones.
3. Minimal to no delaminating of composites.
4. Quick turnaround - we will meet "Just In Time" deadlines.